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There is very little time left before all football fans start watching the first matches of the World Cup. Already on November 20, the 2022 World Cup starts in Qatar and World Cup 2022 tournament table will begin to fill. I wonder what teams will be able to surprise us with. The selection of the World Cup turned out to be largely unpredictable, so we expect interesting outcomes from the main stage and a hard struggle for each of the teams.

Which World Cup 2022 matches to watch live?

I would like to touch upon the theme of the matches that will open this championship in more detail. Let’s touch on one of the most interesting matches from each group, which is really worth watching!

Is it worth watching the 2022 World Cup matches in groups A, B, C, D?

  • Group A

Here it is worth paying attention to the Senegal-Netherlands match. The confrontation between the favorites in the first match of the group is really intriguing. We are expecting a match from the teams on the “character”, where the Netherlands, of course, are the favorite.

  • Group B

Despite the presence of the England-Iran match, the USA and Wales should show the confrontation much more interesting. Wards Gregg Burkhalter must fight a strong gang of Wales. But again, it’s worth noting that Wales has an ace up its sleeve - Garett Bale. For him, this World Cup 2022 in Qatar may be the last.

  • Group C

Here we are ready to please the national teams of Mexico and Poland. Two fairly strong and well-played teams that claim to qualify from the group along with Argentina. Therefore, this match can be decisive in the future in the battle for the playoffs.

  • Group D

France - Australia. At first glance, everything here is very clear. France are the sole favourites, who should take 3 points and move on towards the exit from the group, but! Few people know about the curse of the “winners of the World Cup.” It lies in the fact that, according to statistics, every team that wins the World Cup simply does not leave the group at the next. The most interesting thing is that the French began this triumph and, as a result, the fall of the “winners”. So let’s see how the fate of Didier Deschamps’ team will turn out at this World Cup in Qatar.

##Who to follow and watch at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

The World Cup in Qatar can become quite unpredictable for many fans. At least due to the fact that for many players it will be the first really serious international championship in their careers. I would like to mention some of them, as well as touch on more experienced players who can take the title of top scorer in the World Cup in Qatar. You can watch the World Cup at least because of their excellent game.

Small chances and big potential: is it worth watching World Cup matches with their participation?

  • Alexander Mitrovic

Aleksandar Mitrovic is the least likely top scorer. Let’s take a look at why. He’s been doing well in the Premier League and, as mentioned before, he’s outshone by Holland. Therefore, many simply do not notice his success in the championship of England. Although Mitrovic, after Holland, is the best in the Premier League at the moment, therefore we are nominating him for the title of top scorer in the World Cup. The problem can be a difficult group and the presence of another excellent finisher - Vlahovic.

  • Darwin Nunez

Nunez, after moving to the Premier League, has not yet fully adapted to English football. But despite this, he is still a very strong player. Darwin finishes and opens perfectly, and plays well on the second floor as well. The problem on his way to the top scorer could be competition among the finalists in the Uruguay national team in the form of Cavani and Suarez. It will be really interesting to watch the matches of the 2022 World Cup with his participation.

For the sake of whom many will watch the matches of the World Cup?

  • Neymar

There is not much to say about Neymar. This is a character who has already made a huge contribution to the new history of football. Many Brazilians will watch World Cup matches just because of his participation. He began to create more and plays not as a “pillar”, but mainly as a left midfielder or in the position of the CAP. But even despite all of the above, he can still compete for the title of top scorer. Neymar is also Neymar in Africa. Too talented a player, and on top of everything else, he is having one of the best seasons of his life.

  • Kylian Mbappe

When it comes to a football player like Mbappe, the thought of a huge number of goals immediately comes to mind. Didier Deschamps will not invent a bicycle, he will release Kilian at the forefront of the attack and give the installation to supply him with moments. Then everything depends only on the Frenchman.

  • Harry Kane

For many, it will be surprising to see Harry Kane here, but let’s see why he is. This is a football player - stability. Kane is the only target in England and will be constantly supplied with the ball. Add to this the versatility of this footballer: excellent technique and excellent riding. And we have actually an ideal candidate for the title of top scorer of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Where to watch the matches of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

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The first matches can be one of the most interesting and unpredictable. Therefore, we advise you not to miss them in any case! Senegal - Netherlands, USA - Wales and Brazil - Serbia are some of the few matches of the first round that you can watch online on the 1win platform. There you can find broadcasts in excellent quality and interesting outcomes for all World Cup events!

You can track all the results of the matches in the 2022 World Cup standings. There you can see the success of the teams, as well as the number of points and the difference between goals scored and missed. So you can roughly understand the chances of each team to reach the playoffs.

You can start watching matches of the 2022 World Cup from 11/20/2022. On this date, the first match of the opening of the championship will take place - Qatar - Ecuador. On the live broadcast you can get acquainted with the Qatar team, which should show the result. At least because they play at home.

Group G should surprise the audience at the 2022 World Cup. Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon, who will be stronger and be able to show character in the “death” group? The Brazilian national team seems to be the favorite on paper, but do not rush. Serbia and Switzerland know how to play the role of an underdog and often they end up with success and reach the playoffs.