Argentina - Australia prediction

2022-12-02 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

In the next meeting of the 1/8 playoff stage World Cup 2022, the teams of Argentina and Australia will collide. Who would have thought that group D, where for a second there was a national team of Denmark and France, would become so interesting. And the Australians will be able to get out of it according to the results of the matches with as many as 6 points!

The World Cup 2022 matches turned out to be quite difficult for the Argentines. Group C and its first matches surprised many spectators around the world. Take only the meeting between Saudi Arabia and the Argentina national team, no one could have imagined that Leo Messi would allow such a defeat. Despite this, the team then pulled themselves together and reached the playoffs at the end of the group stage.

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Argentina Australia forecast

How did the group stage for the Australian team

The Australian national team began the World Cup with a defeat to the favorite of the group - France. In general, few people were surprised by this result, the French were obliged to win in the class, which they did. After this match, few gave the Australians many chances to reach the playoffs. But in subsequent rounds, the team played in a new way. Excellent matches in the second and third rounds of the group stage ensured their qualification from the Fifa World Cup group. Let’s see if the natives of Australia can withstand the incredibly experienced and strong Argentina national team.

For Argentina, this battle for the World Cup began with a humiliating defeat for Saudi Arabia. The team led by Leo Messi completely controlled the game, but suddenly everything seemed to fall apart at one moment. Even after such an embarrassing and debilitating result, the team from Argentina proved that experience counts for a lot. And in subsequent matches they managed to defeat Mexico (2-0) and Poland with a score of 2:0 in the same way. The national team showed its character and proved that it is too early for them to leave the Fifa World Cup.

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Prediction for the match Australia - Argentina: who will be one step closer to the World Cup trophy

It is difficult to predict what will happen in this match. Both teams played the first matches extremely crumpled and reached the playoffs largely due to experience or character. If you look at the match in a vacuum, then of course the Argentina national team is a clear favorite on many counts. But do not forget - this is Qatar and the World Cup - this fact changes a lot.

In terms of probable outcomes for this match, I would like to note the following:

  • both will score - yes: the Australian team knows how to find their chances in such confrontations, and there is certainly no doubt about the goal of the Argentines.

  • Leo Messi goal - yes: any match in Argentina cannot do without a goal of a brilliant football player - Leo Messi. Such an outcome is quite likely, because who, if not he, should drag his team in the fight for the World Cup Cup.

Both teams to score - Yes 2.81
Leo Messi goal - Yes 1.50

Main odds in the battle for 1/4: Argentina - Australia

Argentina win Draw Australian victory
1.2 6.8 16.91