Argentina - Croatia forecast

2022-12-12 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

In the first semi-final World Cup 2022, the audience will have a stunning match - Argentina - Croatia. Leo Messi reaches the semi-finals in what is probably his last World Cup and is already eager to lift the World Cup trophy over his head. Will the Croats be able to prevent him from doing this or the victory at the FIfa World Cup will be an excellent finishing note for the football player in his career. Qatar is ready to surprise and this match will be one of the most interesting on the way to the final. France and Morocco will meet in the 1/2 playoffs. Of course, many viewers consider France to be the sole favorite, but is everything so clear? The French, without a doubt, are a strong enough team, their results of the matches indicate this. But the Moroccans also managed to surprise everyone with their performance in the fight for the World Cup Cup.

At the World Cup 2022 matches, it is often such that after them it is quite difficult to recover and this confrontation will be just that. On the one hand, Leo Messi and the last championship in his career. On the other hand, the Croats, who want to take revenge for the last final with the French. We are waiting for a very interesting denouement in Qatar and only the results of the matches will be able to give us all the answers to our questions.

Argentina Croatia forecast

Argentinians’ path to the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar

The Argentina national team did a great job on its way to the semi-finals of the World Cup. Both over the atmosphere within the team and over the quality of the game. Of course, the Leo Messi factor will always be present in the team as long as the player plays for it. But despite this, it is only worth comparing the result at this Fifa World Cup with the past in order to understand what path the team has gone through.

In the 1/8 playoff stage, the Argentines met with one of the phenomena of Qatar - the Australian team. It was not an easy meeting for the team from Argentina, both in terms of psychological pressure and, in principle, in terms of the game. Few expected the Australians to be able to approach this Fifa World Cup match with a game plan outlined. And this was one of the main problems in this confrontation for the Argentines. The Australian team lost this match, but only because of the lack of experience in playing in such matches. But this does not diminish the merits of the Argentines. They had a great match and proved that they deserve to continue to fight for the World Cup.

In the quarterfinals, Qatar prepared another test for the Argentines in the form of the Netherlands national team. This is an experienced and strong team that could easily unsettle the White-and-Blues. But they failed to cope with such a national team of Argentina, which we can observe at this World Cup. Leo Messi was able to decide the game and help his team reach the next stage of the playoffs.

How the Croats went to the semi-finals of the World Cup

For the Croats, this championship was initially quite difficult. Starting from the group stage, where on their way they met both the “dark horse” - Morocco, and the strong Belgian team. But they managed to get into the playoffs and get to the semi-finals there.

In 1/8 “chess” met with the Japanese who unexpectedly left the group. The Japanese national team is a difficult opponent, if only because it is an extremely disciplined team. They are quite measured in their approach to each match and are used to seeing things through to the end. But the Croats managed to turn the tide of this meeting and go to the next stage of the playoffs following the results of the penalty shoot-out (1-3)

Fifa World Cup quarter-finals and Brazil on the way to 1/2. The Croatian national team understood that they could face the formidable Brazilians, who were considered almost the main contenders for the World Cup. But despite this, thanks to their inner core and character, the Croats managed to defeat the Brazilians. Yes, once again playing extra time and once again in the penalty shootout (4-2). But this is Croatia, and if there is a result, then they are moving in the right direction - towards the World Cup final. Separately, it is worth noting the goalkeeper of the Croats - Livakovic. He became the hero of the playoffs, but whether he can help the “chess” against the Argentines is a question.

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World Cup prediction: Croatia - Argentina. Who will be in the final?

A fairly equal meeting awaits viewers in Qatar. No one is ready to give in and will fight to the last for a chance to lift the trophy over their heads. The Croats have the sad experience of playing in the World Cup final, like the Argentines, so nerves should not be a decisive factor. In this match, the tactical settings of the coaching staff will definitely decide, because the Fifa World Cup is a story not only about motivation and zeal to win, but also about tactics.

I would like to note the following outcomes for this match:

  • Leo Messi goal - Yes: the Argentine is obliged to lead his team to the final. For him, this may be the last opportunity to write the World Cup in his biography.

  • Total goals - 2.5M: it is unlikely that we will see many goals in this confrontation. Rather, the game will go into extra time and there it will be decided: who is still worthy of the World Cup final.

Leo Messi goal - Yes 2.4
Total Goals - 2.5M 1.55

Main odds for the World Cup semi-final match: Argentina - Croatia

Argentina win Draw Croatian victory
1.92 3.24 4.78
Passage of Argentina Passage of Croatia
1.4 2.86