Belgium - Canada prediction

2022-11-22 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

A rather intriguing match was prepared for us by the World Cup in Qatar. Belgium and Canada are teams that are very similar in some ways. It is clear that at the World Cup 2022 the Belgians look stronger and more status than the Canadian team. But do not write off the “maple” from the accounts immediately. Forecast for the World Cup for them may be disappointing in the opinion of the majority. But this is a very characteristic team that is ready to show results at the Fifa World Cup 2022.

Belgium Canada Prediction

What prepared the coach and the results before the World Cup

Let’s touch on the Belgian team first of all. She has not been considered weak for a long time, on the contrary, many teams are afraid of meeting with her. Is it justified? Of course, Qatar will be a great test for them, but the likelihood of Belgium reaching the playoffs, to be honest, is very high. The team played, with an excellent selection of players. The only line that can fail the first matches is defense. Some players are older and are no longer leveling up, while others are very young and may not be able to handle the pressure. The World Cup usually reveals such teams, let’s see how it will be in this case.

With regards to the results of Belgium, it was quite easy to qualify for the World Cup. In some matches, of course, there were difficulties. In the match with the French team, they lost (3-2), but not to say that by the game. The Belgians looked decent and we can safely say that the team is ready to surprise the entire championship.

What did the Canadian team mark in their matches before the Fifa World Cup? Well passed stage of qualifying matches. Only 2 defeats to the national teams of Costa Rica (1-0) and Panama (1-0). Here, either insufficient desire, which is unlikely, or an underestimation of the opponent, affected. In general, the team looks pretty: there are enough young players, there is an excellent post-finisher in front, few injuries and a great desire. What else do you need to qualify for the playoffs?

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Prediction for the match Belgium - Canada: what outcomes to expect?

I would like to believe in open football from both teams. The Belgians are always focused on attack and a large number of goals. They play aggressive pressing in an attacking formation. Absolutely in the match against the Canadians, they will want to show their power on the football field and the desire to take the World Cup. Canada can take advantage of this and the ever-running Alphonso Davis will lead his team to a goal in some of the counterattacks. Will both score? Quite possibly.

At the 2022 World Cup, the matches that take place in the first round often determine the fate of the team. It is in such confrontations that leaders come into play. Therefore, here you can consider such an outcome as the goal of Kevin De Bruyne. He is eager to win this championship and is ready to do anything, including easily hit the opponent’s goal in an important match.

Both teams to score - yes 1.88
Kevin De Bruyne goal - Yes 2.8

Main odds for the match Belgium - Canada

Belgian victory Draw Canadian victory
1.53 4.43 6.24