England - USA forecast

2022-11-09 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Group B at the World Cup in Qatar will give the fans some interesting confrontations. One of them will take place in the second round, when England will meet with the US team. The Southgate team is considered the clear favorite of the group and the entire Fifa World Cup after the Euro final and a bright game. The US team is taking one of the youngest and most promising American teams to the FIFA World Cup. Let’s try to give prediction for the World Cup and the match between England and the USA.

England USA forecast

Face-to-face meetings and recent matches

In the 21st century, England and the United States met each other 4 times. Once at the 2010 World Cup, then the teams parted world - 1: 1. Then legends distinguished themselves: Gerrard and Dempsey. The last meeting of opponents dates back to 2018. In a friendly match, England easily dealt with the Americans - 3:0. The latest results of both teams are not encouraging: England failed the Nations League and were relegated to Division B, Southgate’s wards have not won any of the last 6 matches. The USA is in a slightly better situation: 1 win in the last 5 matches.

Team squads and leaders

England are lucky at the World Cup 2022 of the same backbone as at the Euro, but injuries have adjusted the application. In attack, the same Sterling, Foden and Kane, in defense, England missed a number of full-backs and Phillips’s defensive midfielder, instead of him the veteran Henderson and Billingham will play. The United States has all the young stars in the ranks for the 2022 World Cup matches: from Pulisic and McKenny to Musakh and Weah.

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Forecast for the match England-USA

The English will enter the second round match with three defenders and with a clear desire to control the ball. However, the Americans themselves are not averse to playing possession, there are high-level performers in the line-up. But still the class of the English should have an impact, although problems for the Southgate team are not ruled out. Forecast for the World Cup match between England and the USA: the minimum victory for England. If the Americans manage to open the scoring, a two-edged game with a lot of shots is expected.

Betting Options:

  • TB 2.5 heads for 2.1;
  • net P2 for 1.7.

England - USA match odds

England victory Draw US victory
1.7 3.9 5.6