Germany - Japan forecast

2022-11-22 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Group E welcomes us with a great match between Germany and Japan. What could Flik prepare for World Cup 2022. The German national team certainly looks much stronger on paper. But despite this, World Cup 2022 Teams are always ready to start at the highest level. Therefore, Japan should also show a good result at the start. If the team from Asia wants to fight for the playoffs, then it needs to prove everything in the match with the Germans.

Germany Japan Prediction

Face-to-face meetings and World Cup selection

The German national team skated through the Fifa World Cup qualifying tournament. Maybe they didn’t have particularly strong opponents, but all the victories were quite confident! For example, the match between Germany and Liechtenstein ended in a sensational 9-0 defeat! And in other confrontations, the Germans beat their opponents by at least 3 goals.

As for Japan, they also managed to qualify for the World Cup quite easily. On its way to the World Cup, the team beat even the strongest Serbia (1-0), and there the recruitment of players is very difficult. In general, from defeats, this is a stupid loss to Oman (0-1) and Saudi Arabia (0-1). And she, in turn, was able to make an upset in the first round and beat the Argentina national team! At the 2022 World Cup, matches with Germany and Costa Rica for the Japanese will be a defining fact in their struggle to qualify from the group.

Team tactics and play style

Consider the style of play of the two teams with which they came to Qatar.

In Germany, obviously, we will have to see sharp, fast football with incredibly aggressive pressing and tough play in the joints. The Germans are accustomed to gnaw every meter of the field to achieve the result. If we also take into account that for Flick, as for the coach of the German national team, this is the first World Cup, it will be very interesting.

The Japanese are more likely to play fast and penetrating football. Their game is unlikely to be focused on some incredible tactical actions. The national team has rather fast flanks and good performers in the center of the field. As the selection of the World Cup showed, most of the goals were scored from attacks that developed on the flanks. The World Cup may become an event for them for which the coaching staff has prepared something new, but this is unlikely.

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Prediction for the match and probable outcomes

Of course, if you judge dryly, then Germany is the absolute favorite. There should be a lot of goals in this match. Germany loves to score and can’t stop, and Japan is likely to be unable to resist. I would also like to mention Leroy Sane, he was not called up for the last World Cup, so his motivation is crazy, in general, like his form at the moment. Therefore, the following outcomes can be quite real in this match.

Total goals - 2.5B 1.68
Leroy Sane goal - yes 2.85

Main odds for the match Germany - Japan

German victory Draw Japanese victory
1.45 4.66 7.41