Ghana - Uruguay forecast

2022-12-01 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Group H welcomes us with a great showdown between Ghana and Uruguay in the final round of the group stage World Cup 2022. The first matches for both of the teams were not easy. Despite this, they are ready to fight and fight for the playoffs. The question is still open: is Suarez ready to drag his team forward or is age still taking its toll? Let’s try to give a prediction for the World Cup, or rather, for the confrontation in which the national teams of Uruguay and Ghana will face.

Ghana Uruguay forecast

World Cup 2022 Tournament Table in group H currently has teams as follows:

1 Portugal 6
2 Ghana 3
3 South Korea 1
4 Uruguay 1

Portugal have already booked themselves a ticket to the playoffs, but the rest will have to try hard. After all, absolutely everyone wants to go to the next stage of the Fifa World Cup.

Second round in group H

The World Championship is not going to slow down and in the second round of group H we were met with simply wonderful matches. What is the next scandal around Cristiano Ronaldo about a goal that was not recorded on him worth? Let’s take a closer look at the match results.

In the confrontation between Portugal and Uruguay, it was the Portuguese who turned out to be “a head” stronger. The match was remembered for the excellent performance of Bruno Fernandes, who managed to steal a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo himself. In addition to this incident, Qatar did not prepare anything that day and the meeting ended confidently in favor of immigrants from Portugal 2-0.

In the next group match, the national team of Ghana and South Korea met. And in one of the few scoring “shootouts” at the Fifa World Cup, Ghana turned out to be stronger. Most likely, this was influenced by the discipline that is inherent in so many African teams. Such matches are often won only because of the strength of the team’s character, because the World Cup Cup does not tolerate the weak.

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World Cup prediction: Uruguay - Ghana. Who will make it to the playoffs?

It often happens that at the end of the group stage, the results of matches become even more unpredictable than at the beginning of the tournament. This happens, because when the championship is just starting, the teams do not yet know what form the opponents are in. But at the end of the group stage, not only the physical form of the team, but also their emotional mood greatly influences.

In this match, we are likely to expect one of the closest and most scoring matches at the Fifa World Cup. That is why I would like to highlight the following outcomes:

  • more goals: teams love and know how to score and this confrontation will not be an exception. The playoff battle is not going to be easy.

  • both will score - Yes: since we are talking about a fairly principled and close meeting, then such an outcome will also be quite probable.

Total goals - 2.5B 2.02
Both teams to score - Yes 1.96

Main odds for the match Ghana – Uruguay

Ghana’s victory Draw Uruguay win
4.85 3.79 1.75