Saudi Arabia - Mexico forecast

2022-11-29 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

By the third round, World Cup 2022 matches are only beginning to gain momentum. Interest in the confrontations is growing, and the teams will fight for a place in the playoffs. Thus, in the last match of Group C, the national team of Saudi Arabia and Mexico will face each other. Teams are fairly equal in strength. And if the “hawks” have already managed to surprise everyone at the World Cup 2022 with their victory over Argentina, the Mexicans have not yet found their game. Let’s see if something changes in the third round and who will be able to show great strength of will to win and continue the fight for the World Cup.

Saudi Arabia Mexico forecast

The tournament table of the 2022 World Cup at the moment for the national teams looks like this:

1 Poland 4
2 Argentina 3
3 Saudi Arabia 3
4 Mexico 1

Thus, we see that any of the teams in group C retains a chance not to leave Qatar and continue to conquer the championship.

How did the second round for the teams

The second round of the Fifa World Cup for national teams passed without any significant surprises for the audience.

The match in which the national teams of Mexico and Argentina met, quite naturally, the Argentines took 3 points and returned hope to the fans for their exit in the playoffs. Leo Messi scored a goal, and the Mexicans, alas, did not show anything interesting.

The Polish national team also proved that the defeat of Argentina in the match with the “hawks” is a pure coincidence. The Poles managed to deal with the people from Saudi Arabia without any problems. Thus, Saudi Arabia still leaves itself a chance to reach the playoffs, but whether they will be able to do this is a big question.

Prediction for match Saudi Arabia - Mexico

In this match, “overall goals” is definitely possible. The Mexican team must show at least something at the Fifa World Cup, at least in the third round. Therefore, we will believe in this outcome and in the fact that the “hawks” will resist the Mexicans.

Also, do not forget that the teams are quite “hot” and in this match it is likely that there will be a lot of fouls, and as a result, cards. Therefore, the total LCD can also be touched upon as a quite probable outcome.

Generally speaking, of course, it is more believed in the victory of Mexico, even despite the way they played the first matches. Let’s see how the group stage will end in this four.

Total goals - 2.5B 1.84
Total LCD - 4B 1.55

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The main odds of the match Saudi Arabia - Mexico

Saudi victory Draw Mexican victory
4.81 3.96 1.73