Morocco - Croatia forecast

2022-11-22 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Football World Cup started in Qatar. And in the first round of group F, the Croatian national team will meet with Morocco. Did the Croats show their peak form at the Euro? Or will they still be able to become one of the strongest teams in the world again? All these questions will be answered very soon. Let’s figure it out and make a prediction for the World Cup, or rather for the match Croatia - Morocco.

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How did the matches of the national teams before the 2022 World Cup

The Croatian national team passed their selection for the World Cup quite easily. They didn’t have any problems in any of the matches. It will be more interesting to touch on their performance in the League of Nations. There, the Croats dealt with everyone, winning 5 matches and allowing only 1 draw with the French team. This indicates that the wards of Zlatko Dalic are in excellent shape and this is good news.

Morocco also hosted the qualifying tournament for the African World Cup. There they managed to cope with the DR Congo national team in a two-match confrontation. The first match ended with a score of 1-1, and the second match was already taken by the Moroccans with confidence: 4-1. It is difficult to evaluate such teams, as they do not have much experience in the European arena. Moreover, we will not predict Morocco’s entry into the playoffs, but the match with the Croats can put a lot in its place.

Team Leaders

I would like to single out one leader in each squad, who is obliged to drag his team to the playoffs.

Luka Modric in the Croatian national team has an excellent vision of the field and vast experience in the international arena. He is obliged to decide the results of matches, he must become the trump card of his team. The first matches will show whether Modric can perform at the proper level.

The Moroccan national team can boast of not being young, but still an excellent attacking player, who is it? Of course, Hakim Ziyech, he definitely should help the Moroccans on their way to the playoffs.

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Outcomes for the match Morocco - Croatia: World Cup prediction

Let’s discuss what results are most realistic following the meeting between the national teams of Morocco and Croatia. At the 2022 World Cup, matches are often unpredictable, but here we can note a couple of outcomes of the most possible within this match. According to the performance of the two teams, you can take the outcome “both teams to score”. Teams are obliged to exchange goals, they love and know how to score. You can also take a chance and believe in Modric, he knows how to score in his national team.

Both teams to score - yes 2.03
Luka Modric goal - yes 5

Basic odds for the match Morocco - Croatia

Morocco victory Draw Croatian victory
4.02 3.14 2.12