Morocco - Portugal forecast

2022-12-08 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Who would have thought that in the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2022, the Portuguese team would face people from Morocco? The most unexpected participant in the playoffs, as everyone thought, goes further and is now ready to fight the “team of the elite”. Of course, the Portuguese are one of the main favorites for the Fifa World Cup. But the Moroccans, like a locomotive, rush along the rails and have already run over the Spaniards on their way. Will they be able to make another sensation and surprise Qatar with their performance. Or maybe Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to continue the fight for, perhaps, the last World Cup.

Morocco Portugal forecast

Sensation in the match 1/8: Morocco - Spain

A surprise for many spectators, and even more so for the fans of the “red-yellows”, was the victory of the Moroccans in the match of 1/8 of the playoff stage. Who would have thought that the national team from Morocco would be able to resist such a team as Spain. Many expected to see her in the final, but Ashraf Hakimi and company decided that this was not the Fifa World Cup. They managed to send the Spaniards home in the penalty shoot-out. How else can Qatar surprise the audience, because the World Cup 2022 matches can be discouraging and there are already enough examples.

Portugal in 1/8: leaders on the bench?

The match of the Portuguese in the 1/8 stage was quite surprising in that the leaders of the national team remained on the bench. No one knows why the coaching staff decided not to release Rafael Leao and Cristiano Ronaldo from the first minutes. But this did not prevent the Portuguese from defeating the Swiss team. This is not just a victory, this is one of the most devastating scores at this World Cup - 6-1. The team from Switzerland seemed to be able to resist the Portuguese, but even without their main stars, the audience was able to see a confident victory and a desire to take the World Cup.

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Forecast for the match Portugal - Morocco: who will be able to provide in the semi-finals?

In this confrontation, the Portuguese can be singled out as the obvious favorite. In the last match, they proved that even without the main stars they can make a difference. But despite this, one should not forget about the special energy of Morocco, which Qatar gave them. This team can surprise and this match will show if they can continue their way to the World Cup.

In this match, I would like to highlight the following outcomes:

  • both will score - yes: the Moroccans can surprise and roll at least one ball into the gates of the Portuguese. We have no doubts about the goal of the “team of the elite”, so this is a very likely event.

  • total goals under: we have already seen that the team from Morocco is able to dry out matches at the Fifa World Cup, which they showed in the match with the Spaniards. The game can go into extra time, and the fairy tale continues.

Both teams to score - Yes 2.06
Total Goals - 2.5M 1.72

Main odds in the match between Morocco and Portugal

Morocco victory Draw Victory of Portugal
5.34 3.76 1.7