Netherlands - Argentina forecast

2022-12-08 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Qatar meets its audience with another match in the 1/4 stage of the playoffs World Cup 2022. The Argentina national team will face the most dangerous Netherlands. The confrontation of these teams promises a fight from the first to the last minute. After all, the World Cup 2022 matches with such a headline are rarely boring! Can Lionel Messi make it to the next stage or will the Dutch stop him from continuing his path to the Fifa World Cup trophy?

Netherlands Argentina forecast

It will be interesting to see what the teams will prepare for us in the second round. The United States and Wales claim to leave the group only if they defeat Iran. Therefore, for the Welsh it will be a fateful match. Garett Bale should be included, he did not just come to Qatar.

How was 1/8 for the Dutch team

In the 1/8 stage of the playoffs of the World Cup, the Dutch team met with immigrants from the United States. The teams had a great match and in many ways the Americans were surprised by the quality of their football. Despite this, the wards of Louis van Gaal did an excellent job of coaching and surpassed the opponent. The protagonist of this match is Dumfries, who managed to score 2 goals and provide 1 assist. An excellent performance from the Dutch and a natural victory. World Cup 2022 Teams is often quite “torn”. And we can trace this in the game of the team from Holland. The first matches in the group stage were quite stiff for them. But in the playoffs, we can see a completely different game from them. The work of the coaching staff is noticeable right during the Fifa World Cup.

Argentina - Australia: what interesting happened in this match 1/8

Argentina met in their match 1/8 with the Australian team. The match turned out to be quite predictable, although you can’t tell by the result. The Argentines managed to snatch a victory with a score of 2-1. Many expected a deep bus from the Australians, but despite the fact that the audience underestimated them, they showed excellent football. Of course, the Argentina national team in this match was a clear favorite and had to go to the next stage of the playoffs.

Another great match from the leader - Leo Messi. It can be seen that he came to Qatar to pick up the World Cup and nothing else interests him.

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Forecast for the match Argentina - the Netherlands: who will continue to fight for the trophy

In such matches it is very difficult to make predictions for the game. Because at such stages of the playoffs, a lot depends on the endurance of the players and how prepared the team leaders are for such confrontations. Leo Messi is a player who has already played in the Fifa World Cup final and this championship will be his last - these are decisive factors. The Netherlands national team cannot boast of such experienced players, so I would like to give preference to the Argentines.

Let’s look at what outcomes are quite likely for this match:

  • total goals under: it is unlikely that teams will please us in this confrontation at the Fifa World Cup lots of heads. Usually such matches end with almost the only decisive goal scored.

  • Leo Messi goal - Yes: if we give our preference to Argentina, then the line with the goal of the main leader of the team will not be a mistake.

Total Goals - 2.5M 1.56
Leo Messi goal - Yes 2.3

Main odds for Argentina vs Netherlands

Dutch victory Draw Argentina win
3.63 3.15 2.24