Poland - Saudi Arabia prediction

2022-11-25 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Qatar meets us in the second round with a match between Poland and Saudi Arabia. The first matches at the World Cup 2022 did not promise any interesting outcomes for this group, it seemed that everything was pretty obvious. The Argentina national team should come out from the first place without any problems, while Mexico and Poland were ready to fight for the second place in the group. But whatever it is, at the World Cup 2022 matches they know how to surprise and that’s a fact! Who will advance to the playoffs and are the Poles ready for such an opponent?

Poland Saudi Arabia forecast

First round in Group C: who surprised and who did not live up to expectations

Let’s look at the results of the first round matches that Qatar gave us. After such matches, it is already scary to make any forecast for the World Cup. Group C is just gaining momentum!

In the match Argentina - Saudi Arabia, there was probably the loudest upset of the entire Fifa World Cup! Initially, the confrontation began under the dictation of the Argentines, led by Leo Messi. But it is not for nothing that the World Cup is played every four years. After the first missed goal, the “hawks” rushed forward and simply ran over the Argentines, first leveling the score, and then doubling their advantage. Whether Leo will now be able to reach the playoffs at his last World Cup is not clear.

In the Poland-Mexico pair, I would like to single out both teams. Despite the fact that the match ended in a draw, the teams showed excellent football. Most of all, of course, the goalkeeper of the Mexican national team, Guillermo Ochoa, deserves attention. He managed to beat off a penalty from the most important goalscorer of the Polish national team - Robert Lewandowski. Thus, he snatched 1 point for his team and brought them closer to the playoffs. World Cup 2022 standings after the first round in group C looks like this:

1 Saudi Arabia 3
2 Poland 1
3 Mexico 1
4 Argentina 0

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Forecast for the match Poland - Saudi Arabia: who will be closer to the exit from the group

The most likely outcomes in a match between these two teams could be as follows:

  • total goals - 2.5B: teams will fight for these 3 points. The team of Saudi Arabia in case of victory actually guarantees itself access to the playoffs. And Poland needs to take points in this Fifa World Cup match, because the next match is against Argentina, which is unlikely to stumble again.
  • Robert Lewandowski’s goal - yes: the leader of the Polish national team will want to correct himself for a missed penalty against Mexico. Who else if not he should make the results of the matches that remained in the group?
Total goals - 2.5B 2.09
Goal Robert Lewandowski - Yes 1.6

Main odds of the match Poland - Saudi Arabia

Poland’s victory Draw Saudi victory
1.76 3.74 4.9