Costa Rica Team at the 2022 World Cup

Cost, group and matches of the Costa Rica team at the World Cup in Qatar

Costa Rica

Captain: Brian Ruiz

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The World Cup starts very soon, among the teams of the CONCACAF zone, Costa Rica is not considered the strongest. Its line-up by names is rather weak, but their strength is balance and a constant clip for major tournaments. Many names of Costa Ricans are known to fans from the last FIFA World Cup. Only the coach at Los Ticos has changed, now the team is led by Luis Suarez.

The 62-year-old namesake of the famous Uruguayan has not achieved success in either his playing or coaching career. As a coach, he won the debut title of Colombian champion with the local Atlético Nacional, but then failed with the Colombian national team. Luis Suarez took charge of the Costa Rica national team in 2021 and immediately took the team to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Costa Rica National Football Team Leaders and Stars

Brian Ruiz and Joel Campbell are still the Costa Ricans’ two main attacking stars. The 37-year-old Ruiz has played a prominent role in the Premier League and Portugal, but is now riding as an uncle captain. A graduate of the London Arsenal, Campbell has not played in the top leagues for a long time, but remains a leader in attack due to the weakness of the squad. For World Cup 2022 matches, local fans will have to rely only on veterans.

Costa Rica squad

Goalkeepers Keylor Navas, Leonel Moreira, Esteban Alvarado
Protection Brian Oviedo, Oscar Duarte, Kendall Woston, Francisco Calvo, Juan Pablo Vargas, Ronald Matarrita, Keisher Fuller, Ricardo Blanco
Midfield Celso Borges, Brian Ruiz, Yeltsin Tejeda, Alonso Martinez, Gerson Torres, Justin Salas, Allan Cruz
Assault Joel Campbell, Johan Venegas, Jevison Bennett, Jose Guillermo Ortiz, Anthony Contreras, Randal Leal


37-year-old Keylor Navas will defend the gates of the Costa Rica team at the Fifa World Cup. The legend of local football, the owner of many Champions League and La Liga titles, is going to his last World Cup as the main and untouchable goalkeeper. Despite the loss of a place at PSG and a small amount of playing time.


In defense there are names known to European fans. In the center will play Oscar Duarte, who played for more than 5 years in the middle clubs of La Liga, as well as veterans Oviedo and Waston. The first played in the Premier League, the second is known from the MLS and local clubs.


There are fewer well-known names in midfield. Yeltsin Tejeda was remembered by many at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but not for his game, but for his unusual name. In addition to him, there is Cruz, Borges, Martinez, Torres, Salas - all play in local and unpopular American leagues. 37-year-old Ruiz looks like a living legend and the only serious attacking midfielder.


In attack, in addition to Campbell (Leon), there is a promising Leal from MLS (Nashville) and experienced veterans Contreras and Venegas. It is extremely difficult to assess the level of their game, but in the selection, the attackers performed well against the backdrop of the weakness of the CONCACAF zone.

History of the Costa Rica team at the World Cups

The first time the Costa Rica national team got to the FIFA World Cup in 1990, where it reached the playoffs, since then they have reached the main stage 5 times. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil was the best in history for Costa Ricans: they were able not only to reach the playoffs, but also to pass the ⅛ final stage, beating Greece in a penalty shootout. Keylor Navas became the best player of that meeting and an idol for the country.

Costa Rica matches

How did the Costa Ricans get to the World Cup 22 in Qatar?

In the CONCACAF qualifying group, Suarez’s wards took 4th place and got into the intercontinental play-offs. Costa Ricans only lost to the US team in additional indicators, gaining 25 points each. In 14 matches, Ruiz and company had a goal difference of 13-8, which indicates an extremely cautious style of play. They beat New Zealand 1-0 in the play-off with Campbell’s goal. Thus, the Costa Rica team got to the World Cup in Qatar.

Costa Rica squad at the 2022 World Cup: group, opponents, predictions

The group “Los Ticos” got a difficult one. World Cup 2022 standings looks like this:

  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Costa Rica

Bookmakers do not leave any chances for Suarez’s wards to reach the playoffs. European giants are beyond the power of Costa Ricans, Japan has a more eminent and balanced line-up. Veterans Navas and Ruiz no longer play the first roles in their clubs, it will be difficult for them to turn the tide of matches.


Head coach Luis Suarez prefers a 4-2-2-2 formation. Our editors suggest such a starting line-up for the first matches of the World Cup: Navas-Oviedo-Calvo-Duarte-Fuller-BorgesTejeda-Torres-Bennett-Campbell-Ruiz.

World Cup 2022 standings, results calendar, news and predictions for the matches of the Costa Rica national team will be available on our website! We promptly update information about all the events of the World Cup.

The victory of the Costa Ricans at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is estimated at 1000 - there is no more coefficient. At the exit from the group odds in the region of 10-11, the victory in Group E of the World Championship is estimated at 55-60. Now you can bet on the 4th place of the Costa Rica team with odds of 1.3.