Mexican team at the 2022 World Cup

Squad, group and matches of the Mexican national team at the World Cup in Qatar


Captain: Andres Guardado

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World Cup 2022 in Qatar starts in November, among the Latin American teams, the Mexican team looks less impressive. Despite the key figure of coach Gerardo Martino, the Mexican national team looks very modest compared to its competitors. The change of generations for the “greens” was very painful, not a single star of the European level will go to Qatar, except for Lozano.

59-year-old Gerardo Martino became the best player of the Argentine club Newell’s Old Boys in history in a 2003 poll. In the coaching field, he has less success, many remember Tata’s deafening failure at Barcelona. Martino took charge of the Mexican national team in 2019, taking the CONCACAF Gold Cup on the move and losing twice in the final of the tournament since then. The coach instilled in the Mexicans an attacking style and pressure, but this greatly affects the endurance of the players. Let’s see how Martino’s coaching genius will show itself with a frankly average squad.

Mexico 2022 World Cup Leaders and Stars

In addition to the Napoli rotation player Lozano, it is worth highlighting the young talent from Ajax, Edson Alvarez. Raul Jimenez, who has been unstable lately, will play in attack, but by the standards of the current Mexican team, he is a star. Our editors have made a forecast for the Mexican bid for the World Cup 2022 matches, taking into account the results of the current season.

Mexico Team

Goalkeepers Guillermo Ochoa, Rodolfo Cota, Carlos Azevedo
Protection Cesar Montes, Johan Vazquez, Nestor Araujo, Hector Moreno, Jesus Angulo, Kevin Alvarez, Gerardo Arteaga
Midfield Edson Alvarez, Luis Chavez, Carlos Rodriguez, Eric Sanchez, Eriks Gutierrez, Luis Romo, Fernando Beltran, Hector Herrera, Andres Guardado
Assault Alexis Vega, Irving Lozano, Roberto Alvarado, Uriel Antuna, Raul Jimenez, Henry Martin, Sanyago Jimenez


Guillermo Ochoa, who was enchanting at the 2014 World Cup, still plays at the base of the Mexican national team at 37. This rather indicates the weakness of the goalkeeper line, Ochoa has long passed, but the Greens have no better candidate for number 1.


There are very few players in defense who are strong by European standards. You can highlight the veteran 34-year-old Moreno from Monterrey and Araujo from America, who played for Celta. The rest of the players play in South American clubs and are unlikely to be able to get into the pencil of top clubs in the future. Let’s single out only the left fullback Arteaga from Genk.


In the center of the field is again a scattering of honored veterans, for whom the 2022 World Cup will definitely be the last. But first, Alvarez, the young hope of Mexican football - he has been dragging Ajax in European competitions for more than 2 years and is able to leave for a top club after a successful performance at the World Cup in Qatar. He is assisted by Houston Dynamo’s 32-year-old Herrera with an excellent European career, Betis legend 36-year-old Guardado, and the last of the dos Santos brothers, Jonathan (America).


Attack of the Mexican national team at the World Cup in Qatar will be young and promising. In addition to Raul Jimenez (Wolverhampton), 21-year-old Jimenez from Feenord will be in the squad. Lozano is on paper the leader of the Mexicans, but his season is not very good, and in the national team he is not always able to take over the game. The lack of a clear leader is an obvious disadvantage of the Martino team.

Mexico national team: the history of performances at the World Cup

Mexico in the world championships - incredible stability. They have been out of the group at the FIFA World Cup since 1994 in a row! But each time they lose in the ⅛ finals. The best achievement of the Greens at the World Cup is the quarter-finals twice: in 1970 and 1986. The Mexican national team consistently wins at least 1 win in the group stage and stumbles already in the playoffs. Pretty doubly stable.

Mexico matches

Mexico at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar: exit story

There is very little competition in the CONCACAF qualifying area. Therefore, Martino’s wards easily took 2nd place in the group, showing quite closed football. For 14 matches, the Mexicans have only 8 missed and 17 scored. The weakness of the zone is the main reason for the constant hit of the national team in the main part of the World Cup.

Mexico Group at the World Cup, predictions

Table of the World Cup 2022 gave Martino’s team Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland as rivals. Group C in Qatar could break a streak of 8 consecutive playoffs. Poland looks stronger than the Mexicans, not to mention Argentina. Saudi Arabia cannot yet compete with any of the teams.

Our prediction for the Mexican national team is 3rd place in Group C and relegation from the World Cup. There are no obvious leaders in the team, plus a lot of veterans. The Mexicans have stamina issues and will play their part in the hot Qatari climate.


For the first matches of the World Cup in Qatar, Tata Martino will field a 4-3-3 squad. Our prediction: Ochoa-Arteaga-Montes-Araujo-Sanchez-Alvarez-Herrera-Rodriguez-Lozano-Vega Jimenez. Dos Santos, S. Jimenez, Gutierrez and Beltran can come off the bench.

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