Poland team at the 2022 World Cup

Composition, group and matches of the Polish national team at the World Championship in Qatar


Captain: Robert Lewandowski

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The Polish national team is traveling to Qatar for the World Cup 2022 in an incomprehensible state. The reason for everything is a rather strange coaching reshuffle, when the Portuguese Paulo Souza, who successfully passed the selection with the team, unexpectedly terminated the contract with the team and the Poles were led by Cheslav Mikhnevich, little known outside the country. What the Polish national team will represent at the World Cup in Qatar is still unknown. Many fans reacted ambiguously to the change in the coaching staff, but the upcoming Fifa World Cup will show everything.

52-year-old Cheslav Mikhnevich cannot boast of any achievements in his playing and coaching career. He coached many medium-sized clubs in Poland and before accepting the national team managed to unsuccessfully train Legia. That’s all the local fans need to know about this coach. At the national team level, he immediately got the main national team of the country, which looks rather strange. Although he was able to lead Poland to the 2022 World Cup in a one-match confrontation with Sweden.

Polish team line-up and World Cup leaders

Everyone who talks about the Poland national football team at the 2022 World Cup only mentions Lewandowski and Zelinsky. The role of Robert in the team can hardly be overestimated, he has been the leader and main hero of the team for 10 years. Zelinsky became the leader of the center of the field, there are quite strong European players in the Poles, but there are no bright stars besides these two. Our editors made a prediction for the World Cup at the request of the Polish national team, based on the results and the current season.

Poland squad

Goalkeepers Wojciech Szczesny, Bartolomej Dragowski, Lukasz Skorupski
Protection Jan Bednarek, Kamil Glick, Pavel Davidowicz, Jakub Kivior, Arkadiusz Reka, Tomasz Kedziora, Matty Cash, Bartosz Bereshinsky
Midfield Grzegorz Krychowiak, Kasper Kozlowski, Szymon Szurkowski, Karol Linetti, Mateusz Klich, Przemysław Frankowski Piotr Zieliński, Sebastian Szymanski, Nikola Zalewski, Jakub Kaminski
Assault Robert Lewandowski, Karol Swiderski, Krzysztof Piatek, Arkadiusz Milik


The goalkeeper position of the Poles has long been occupied by Szczesny - he is amazingly stable, despite the recent failures of Juventus. Behind him there are two excellent goalkeepers: Skorupski and Dragovski, but they clearly lack the experience of big matches and big tournaments. Szczesny without injuries - iron first number.


In the defense of the Polish national football team at the 2022 World Cup, there is a clear leader - Aston Villa newcomer Bednarek, who has long established himself in the Premier League. Honored veteran Glick will go to the World Cup in Qatar, but there will be questions about his form. The rest of the defenders do not particularly stand out, we can note the young Kivior from Spezia and his teammate Reka. The right flank of the defense is good for names: the naturalized and main Cash will compete with Bereshinsky and Kendzyora, but the latter two can also play on the left.


In the center of the field of the Polish national team at the World Cup, Zelinsky will be in charge, the youngest player in the history of the European Championships Kozlovsky will help him, as well as slightly more experienced, but no less promising Szymansky, Zalewski and Kaminsky.


The attack of the Poles is their main strength and Mikhnevich’s headache. The place of Lewandowski is not specified, in the center of the attack he is magnificent at his 34. But in terms of position, Milik and Piontek, who are tough for the Polish national team, duplicate him. Mikhnevich will decide how to place them on the field, but he is used to playing one clean forward, the guys at the 2022 World Cup most likely will not have a place in the squad. Svidersky and Kaminsky will play on the left. There are very few good wingers in the Polish team.

The story of Poland’s entry into the 2022 World Cup

Mikhnevich took over the team in the European qualifier play-offs. The Poles got there from the second place of group I, they lost to England without much chance. Partly in the joints of the Polish national team, they were lucky with the disqualification of Russia, they had to play only with Sweden in the final - a 2-0 victory with goals from Lewandowski and Zelinsky. In general, in the qualifying tournament, the Poles scored 30 goals in 10 matches and conceded only 11 goals in a strong group with Albania, Hungary and England.

Poland matches

Poland at the World Cup: the history of world championship performance

The Poles twice became bronze medalists of the World Championships in 1974 and 1982. But since the 1986 World Cup, the team has not made it to the playoffs. In the 21st century, the Polish national team was selected for the World Championships 3 times, but consistently won 1 win with 2 defeats.

Poland team in Qatar: World Cup 2022 standings, group, spreads

The Poles were also lucky in the World Cup group. Under the letter C, Lewandowski’s rivals will be Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. The Saudis have never been a formidable force, the Mexicans have a generational change and a weak composition. It will be difficult to compete with Argentina for the first place in the 2022 World Cup group, but it will be no problem to get out of second place. Even taking into account the coaching “genius” Mikhnevich.

Our prediction for the 2022 World Cup matches of the Polish national football team is a maximum of ⅛ finals. The presence of Lewandowski and Zelinsky is not enough to solve serious problems, the results of the Mikhnevich team in 2022 do not inspire confidence, but the Poles can reach the playoffs. Further - more difficult.


In recent matches, Mikhnevich’s team plays according to the 3-5-2 scheme. Estimated composition of the Poles for the first World Cup matches: Schensny-Glick-Kivior-Bednarek-Krychowiak-Zhurkowski-Zalewski-Cache-Zelinsky- Lewandowski-Svidersky. The first candidates for replacement: Shimansky, Pyatek and Bereshinsky.

Interestingly, the bookmakers believe more in the passage of the Mexicans than the Poles. You can bet on the victory of the Polish team in group C with odds from 6 to 7. The exit is further estimated at 1.9-2.1. The victory at the World Championship is estimated at 130-150.

On our website, users can watch live not only the table of groups for the 2022 World Cup, but also the lineups, schedule calendar and predictions for the best matches. The latest news, reviews and bets on the Poles for fans will be updated at an accelerated rate.

Robert with 76 goals will remain out of reach for many years. Of the current players, 21 goals were scored by the legend of the Błaszczykowski team, but of those who will go to the World Cup, Milik (16 goals) and Piontek (10) scored the most.