South Korea Team at World Cup 2022

Squad, group and matches of the South Korean team at the World Cup in Qatar

South Korea

Captain: Song Heung Min

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Asian teams do not always perform well at world championships, but there are never any questions about discipline and dedication to them. Minimal roster changes, presence of bright stars and performance - this is all about the South Korean team at the World Cup in Qatar. The 2022 FIFA World Cup will host 32 teams and 8 groups, group H stands out in terms of the composition of the fours. In it, the South Korean team, led by the Portuguese specialist Paulo Bento, will try to reach the playoffs.

53-year-old Bento is known for his home team of Portugal, with which he took bronze medals at Euro 2020. Also, as a coach, he took the Cups and Supercups of Portugal with Sporting and became the champion of Greece with Olympiacos. Bento led the Korean national team in 2018 after the World Cup in Russia, but has not yet achieved success.

Leaders and stars of the South Korean team at the World Cup

Our editors made their prediction for the World Cup - we tried to predict the Red Devils’ application for the Fifa World Cup in Qatar, given game of football players in the past and current seasons.

South Korea squad

Goalkeepers Kim Seung Kyu, Kim Dong Joon, Song Beom Geun
Protection Kim Young Gwon, Kim Jin Soo, Kim Min Jae, Kim Moon Hwan, Hong Chul, Yoon Jong Kyu
Midfield Jung Woo Young, Lee Jae Sung, Hwang In Bum, Chun Woo Yoon, Song Joon Ho, Lee Kang In, Kwon Chang Hoon
Assault Hwang Hee Chan, Song Hyun Min, Hwang Eui Jo, Jo Young Wook


The main goalkeeper of the South Korean national team is Kim Seung-gyu, behind him more than 60 matches for the team, young Son Beom-gyn and Kim Dong-jun cannot yet compete with him.


There is a young star in defense - Kim Min Jae from Napoli, he fits perfectly into the new club and plays consistently at the base. The rest of the defenders play in local leagues and are not familiar to a wide range of viewers. Only the young Yoon Jong Kyu from the local Seoul can be singled out.


Jung Woo Young stands out in the center of the field, he plays in Qatar for Al Sadd, but how this will help the national team is a big question. Russian fans know Hwam Im Bum very well from his performances for Rostov, and attacking midfielder Lee Kang In from the Valencia system stands out among the young stars. Chun Woo Yun plays at Freiburg, but has not yet grown to the base, like Lee Kang In.


Attack is Sleep. So everyone calls one of the best players in the Premier League and Tottenham, who broke all the country’s records for goals. The entire attack of the South Korean national team is not built on, if Son’s game does not go on, it will be difficult to oppose something else to the opponents. Wolverhampton’s Hwang Hee Chan plays the second key role for Bentou, he can play in any position and work in defense.

South Korea national team: the history of performances at the World Cup

The Red Devils team reached the final stage of the FIFA World Cup 10 times, but the team achieved the greatest success under the leadership of the great Guus Hiddink at the home world championship in 2002. 4th place is an unattainable result today, which made Hiddink an icon among local fans. But the scandalous refereeing and the passage of Italy with Spain is unlikely to please other football fans. South Korea made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup thanks to wild refereeing mistakes, this is worth recognizing.

South Korea matches

How did the Republic of Korea get to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

The Red Devils confidently qualified for Qatar from the second place in Group A, losing only to Iran and breaking away from the 3rd place by 11 points. 10 matches, 7 wins and a goal difference of 13-3 is a typical closed Asian team. In the weak zone of the AFC, the Koreans will still be able to advance to the main stage without any problems.

South Korea national team: World Cup 2022 group, predictions

If Korea is always lucky with the selection, then the group at the World Championships went to Bent’s wards, frankly crazy and impassable. World Cup 2022 standings looks like this:

  • Portugal
  • Ghana
  • Uruguay
  • South Korea

Group H is considered the most difficult in terms of composition, and Son and company have little chance of even finishing in 3rd place. The level of opponents is too high, only Ghana looks approximately on the same level with the Koreans. 4th place is our prediction for the World Championship for the Republic of Korea.


Bentou likes to play in a 4-2-3-1 formation, relegating the role of a freelance artist to Hwang, who can play as a second forward. Korea 2022 World Cup Starting XI Prediction: Kim Seung Kyu-Kim Yong Gwon-Kim Jin Su-Kim Min Jae-Kim Moon-hwan-Jung Woo Yong-Lee Jae Sung-hwan In Bum-Kwon Chan Hoon-Hwan Hee Chan - Song Hyun Min.

The tournament table of the 2022 World Cup in each group, the schedule and calendar of matches in Qatar are available on our website! All Fifa World Cup matches, news, analytics will be presented in full with daily updates. Group H for the wards Bento will be incredibly difficult.

Son’s team in many bookmakers is a clear outsider of the last group of the World Cup. You can bet on their victory in the FIFA tournament with odds from 340. Exit from group H to the playoffs is estimated at odds from 3.5 to 4. 4th place in the group goes at odds from 2.4.