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Site rules

All information presented on the site belongs to the owners. When using texts and forecasts, you must indicate our authorship. All users can visit any pages of the site to study information about the 2022 World Cup.

The site presents:

  • World Cup 2022 tournament table in each group;
  • calendar of upcoming World Cup games
  • overviews of all teams on the “Teams” page;
  • forecasts for the top matches of the World Cup on the “Forecasts” page;
  • latest news, articles about stadiums, scorers on the “Blog” page.

FIFA World Cup in full

Visitors to can easily navigate to the page of any of the 32 teams from the standings or forecast. The page of the national team contains data on the head coach, team composition, group at the FIFA World Cup. Their approximate composition for the first matches and team leaders are indicated. The site will promptly update information about all matches of the World Cup in Qatar, users will be able to watch online changes in the standings and the latest news.

Bettors can share comments on the predictions page from football experts. Any World Cup prediction on the website is presented by experienced bettors with detailed analysis of lineups and possible bets. Here, football fans will find information on where to watch all the matches of the 2022 World Cup in excellent quality - stay tuned.