Predictions for World Cup 2022

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Predictions for the World Cup are a tricky thing

World Cup is an unpredictable and difficult to predict tournament. Team matches are always very different from club matches. Predictions for the 2022 FIFA World Cup should start carefully, following the first matches in the group and the state of the teams. Unlike club football. where there are matches every week, teams meet several times a year, coaches are forced to assemble a squad of healthy players who play in their teams in a different style and according to different schemes.

The forecasters of our site have been following football for a long time, they are ready to share the top predictions for all matches of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Today we will tell you on the basis of what the forecast for the World Cup is made, how to start betting yourself. And at the end we will try to predict what will be the winners of the Fifa World Cup.

What to look for in World Cup predictions for matches?

Betting on any sport is closely related to statistics, football is no exception. It is rather difficult to apply statistics for the year to national matches, because there are not so many major tournaments, line-ups can change from match to match. But you can refer to:

  • preparation period
  • current application
  • situation in the group
  • opponents’ style of play.

The bettors of our site offer four main factors that are important for predicting the World Cup.

Current national team application, leaders and approximate composition

The World Cup forecast is easier to build when the approximate starting lineup of the team is clear. Obviously, in the first matches of the FIFA World Cup, Brazil will definitely be based on Neymar, Vinicius, Fabinho and Thiago Silva. Yes, injuries and suspensions can interfere, but even without 1-2 players, Brazil will be stronger than any opponent in the current Group G: Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

However, even for the superstar main team, the game may not go well, then a sensible bench is needed - players who can go out and decide the outcome of the match. When making a forecast for the World Cup, it is important to take into account the possible starting lineup and replacement candidates. Of course, the strength of the composition does not guarantee victory, but you can find a good bet.

Latest matches, position in the group

When talking about statistics, it was about the last matches before the World Cup. Head coaches release lineups that are close to optimal and try the nearest reserve. Friendly matches are not an indicator, but football fans can definitely see the style of the game and find the features of the construction.

If you make a prediction for the World Cup after the matches played, they will give more information. Combat squads, only leaders at the base, position in the table plays an important role. If England, after two rounds of Group B, stake out the first place, a semi-reserve squad may enter the derby with Wales, it’s definitely not worth taking a landslide victory for the English.

Style of play

The head coach in the national team must, in a short period of time, assemble a combat squad from various players capable of solving his tasks. We need to create a working tactic and work it out before the start of the World Cup. France professes aggressive football with pressing and fast flanks, Iran plays clearly from defense, like most of the weak teams at the World Cup in Qatar. The style of the game determines how the match will develop. In the match of the first round of group C Saudi Arabia - Argentina, the Saudis will obviously not climb forward, Messi and the company will have a huge percentage of possession and shots with a high degree of probability.

The playing style of the national team is important for World Cup predictions 2022 game in Qatar, for many teams it is known in advance: someone plays on the flanks and earns a lot of corners (Germany). someone relies on super-fast leaders in counterattacks (Senegal), someone simply dominates throughout the match (France).

Latest news from the camp of the national team

Important news may arrive several hours before the match. Injuries to key players in training, scandals often occur against the backdrop of tense moments. The World Cup is the most important tournament for most football players, nerves can affect their condition on and off the field. News about injuries and roster changes can greatly influence the choice of bet. The absence of Mane from Senegal clearly will not play into the hands of the attack. Without an injured Son, the Koreans are far less likely to score.

Prediction for the World Cup: who will win in Qatar?

Bookmakers, long before the start of the World Cup predictions 2022, clearly identified the three main favorites for the 2022 World Cup: France, England, Brazil. Our experts agree with only two of the three contenders for the trophy, let’s try to give a minimal overview of the capabilities of the teams claiming the title of world champion.

World Cup 2022 Predictions: Brazil Team

The main contender for the title of world champions in terms of composition is [team Brazil] (). Pentacampeons have ultra-strong players in every position, especially in attack. Brazil cannot help but play in attack, so the presence of Neymar, Vinicius, Jesus, Martinelli with Rodrigo and Richarlison is a powerful bid for the title. However, in defense and midfield, Brazil has no less bright names: the most experienced Fabinho, Silva, Ederson, Alisson and 39-year-old veteran Dani Alves are able to help the team from behind with a great attack.

World Cup 2022 Predictions: France Team

If it weren’t for injuries, the squad of the last world champions would clearly not be inferior to the Brazilians. It is dangerous to make a forecast for the 2022 World Cup in favor of France now for one reason - Deschamps will not have Kante and Pogba, 4 main defenders from Varane to Hernandez are in question, Benzema has problems. Even without injured players, the French squad is excellent, the main question is how Deschamps will be able to replace the once leaders of the national team, albeit players of similar talent.


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Bookmaker bets are just an option to predict the outcome of a match. No one knows how the teams will play, removals, unexpected goals and other factors can interfere with the outcome. It is best to study as many predictions as possible and form your opinion on each match before registering with a bookmaker and betting on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.