Argentina - Mexico prediction

2022-11-25 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

The opposition of the second round, which was prepared by group C. World Cup 2022 still leaves the question of the teams that will reach the playoffs open. Qatar meets the national team of Argentina for the second time, after a disappointing defeat from Saudi Arabia. Another chance for the Argentines to get the first three points against Mexico. Leo Messi should be charged for this confrontation, and his team should help the leader. After all, for him at the World Cup 2022 matches may be the last in the Argentine team.

Argentina Mexico Prediction

How the first round affected the teams

The first matches for both teams were not easy. And in this match at the Fifa World Cup, they need to show everything that they have prepared in order to pick up the World Cup. Everyone still has a chance to get out. The only question is which team will show its character to the maximum in this difficult test.

The Argentina national team met with the team from Saudi Arabia. The Argentines started the match well and they even managed to print the gates of the Falcons first, but this story has its own “but”. Saudi Arabia apparently already sees itself in the playoffs, so they had to beat the Argentina national team itself! This match ended 2-1 in favor of the Falcons. The championship in Qatar will clearly be remembered by them for a long time.

Mexico, in turn, heroically and not without the help of their star keeper, Guillermo Ochoa, pulled out a draw in the match with the Poles. The “White-Reds” did not often manage to open the defense of the Mexicans, and when they finally earned a 11-meter kick, the goalkeeper of the Mexican national team entered the battle! A great match that all of Qatar will remember.

World Cup 2022 standings in Group C after the first round is as follows:

1 Saudi Arabia 3
2 Poland 1
3 Mexico 1
4 Argentina 0

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Forecast for the match Argentina - Mexico: Leo can or not?

Let’s look at the likely outcomes of this confrontation, who will still be able to get closer to qualifying from the Fifa World Cup group. Of course, we can say that the Argentina national team should and most likely will snatch victory in this match, because there are simply no other options. Some interesting outcomes include:

  • Mexican players have more LCDs - yes: as we can see, Mexico has already scored an own penalty kick against Poland. The national team of Argentina, in turn, is much more agile, unlike the Poles. And you can take a chance, believing in a larger number of yellow cards from the Mexican team.

  • goal by Leo Messi: quite an obvious outcome in any of the matches of the Argentines. He is obliged to drag his team to the playoffs.

More LCD players in Mexico - Yes 1.84
Goal Leo Messi - Yes 2

Main odds in the match Argentina - Mexico

Argentina win Draw Mexican victory
1.56 4.29 6.04