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Group stage and play-off table

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World Cup 2022 table group stage and play-off standings

World Cup 2022 starts on November 20 in the match between the national teams of Qatar and Ecuador. In the Qatari World Cup, 32 teams will play for the last time, in 8 groups, viewers will see 48 cool confrontations. We will have a detailed World Cup 2022 table on our website with detailed statistics on teams, groups and matches.

2022 World cup table are presented in a standard format. In this iteration of the FIFA World Cup, the competition format consists of eight groups, each containing four teams. These groups will compete across three rounds to identify those who will advance to the playoff stages. This particular World Championship is poised to stand out as one of the most unique in the annals of football history. For the inaugural time, this globally revered football event is scheduled towards the year’s end, in the late autumn months. However, this timing adjustment is unlikely to offer much respite to the athletes. In Qatar, where the tournament is hosted, November temperatures seldom dip below 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). The demanding climatic conditions of the Arabian nation are expected to play a significant role, potentially influencing the dynamics and outcomes of the matches at the FIFA World Cup 2022.

2022 World Cup table

World Cup in Qatar will host 32 teams, 16 of which will go home, and the remaining 16 will go to the playoffs. The main stage of the World Cup will last from November 20 to December 2 at 8 stadiums in 5 cities: Ar Rayyan, Lusail, El Wakra, Doha and Al Khor. The distance between the cities is only 60 kilometers; in terms of compactness, the World Cup in Qatar is ahead of all its predecessors.

List of official World Cup stadiums:

  • “National Stadium” in Lusail;
  • “El-Tumama” in Doha;
  • “Khalifa” in Doha;
  • Stadium 974 in Doha;
  • “Ahmed bin Ali” in Er Rayyan;
  • Education City in Ar Rayyan
  • “El-Bayt” in El-Khaur;
  • “El Janub” in El Wakra.

Each of the stadiums will host at least 3 World Cup matches, they are equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning systems and will maintain a temperature of no more than +27 °C.

The final World Cup 2022 table will be formed after three rounds of the group stage, then the table will be transformed into a playoff bracket. Relegation World Cup matches start from stage ⅛, the final meeting will take place on December 18 at the capital’s stadium in Lusail. The bronze medal match will take place the day before, on December 17, at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha. The World Championship will be held in 28 days - this is another unique achievement of the tournament. Groups for the 2022 World Cup were finally decided in June, after Australia and Costa Rica won their play-offs.

Which teams are participating in the 2022 World Cup?

For the first time in history, there will be no debutants out of 32 teams. The 2022 FIFA World Cup table consists of teams that have participated at least 1 time. The Canadian team will play for the second time at the World Cup. The current winner of the tournament in Russia, the French team, takes part, but the current European champion, the Italian team, did not qualify. Forecast for the World Cup before the start it is difficult to give, the obvious favorites of the bookmakers are France, Brazil and England, Argentina, Spain and Germany are according to the quotes below.

European teams at the World Cup-22

Teams from Europe are represented by the largest composition. By tradition, it is European teams that occupy high places in the 2022 World Cup standings. The list of national teams is impressive:

  • France with Mbappe and Benzema;
  • Germany with Muller and Goretzka;
  • England with Kane and Sancho;
  • silver medalist of the World Cup in Russia Croatia with Modric and Kovacic;
  • Portugal with Ronaldo and Bruno;
  • Belgium with de Bruyne and Lukaku

The composition of the European teams is more powerful than the rest on paper. With them went to Qatar Switzerland, Poland, Wales, Serbia, Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands, which can surprise.

Asian teams at the 2022 World Cup

Asia is represented by the Republic of Korea with Son and Kwan, Iran with Azmun and Taremi, Japan with Kubo and Tomiyasu, Australia and Saudi Arabia. The compositions of the Asian teams today do not pose a threat to the favorites, but Japan and Korea traditionally perform well at the world championships due to their organization. The 2022 World Cup standings show just how difficult it will be for AFC teams to qualify for the playoffs. Japan got Germany and Spain, the Koreans generally fell into the “death” group with Portugal, Ghana and Uruguay.

African teams at the World Cup

The powerful African continent is represented by:

  • Senegal with Mendy, Manet and Coulibaly;
  • Ghana with brothers Ayu, Party and Inaki Williams;
  • Cameroon with Abubakar, Zambo-Angissa and Shupo-Moting;
  • Morocco with Ziyech and Hakimi;
  • Tunisia with Khazri.

African teams are inferior to European and South American teams in composition, only Senegal looks like one of the group A favorites. But individual stars can light the 2022 World Cup in the table.

American teams at the World Cup

Argentina and Brazil are the usual favorites of the tournament. Messi goes into the final campaign for the title in a squad updated from last World Cup, and Brazil, along with Neymar, Vinicius, Marquinhos and a full range of young talents, will try to live up to the expectations of the fans. Uruguay is an unpredictable team with a top tier of veteran veterans like Suarez and Cavani. They will try to show themselves in the end, but a group of “death” under the letter H is waiting for them.

The Canadian team is one of the weakest teams in terms of composition, but they qualified for the World Cup from the first place, ahead of Mexico, the USA and Costa Rica. Only the USA and Mexico have a chance to leave the group, but they are bringing far from the best generation to Qatar.

World Cup table regulations

The full Fifa World Cup calendar is available on our website! Matches of 8 groups will be held in the format of four fights in two adjacent groups. Groups A and B will start the mundial, then C and D, E and F, the group stage will end at the matches of groups G and H. The hosts will start on November 20 with a match with Ecuador, the representatives of group G will complete the main part: Serbia against Switzerland, Cameroon against Brazil.

According to the regulations, the matches of the last 3rd round will be held at the same time.

World Cup 2022 calendar becomes the most dense in history, 4 matches daily for 2 weeks is a level! The minimum difference between matches in groups is 3 hours, the maximum is 7 hours. The World Cup table will be updated every hour, visitors will see the real position of the teams according to the regulations. From the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar, 2 teams from 8 groups go out, in case of equality of points in the World Cup table, to determine the best team, the following is taken into account:

  • the difference between goals scored and conceded;
  • the amount of goals scored.

In case of equality of these indicators, the results of face-to-face meetings are taken into account:

  • the number of points scored;
  • Difference between goals scored and goals conceded. In case of equality (a draw in a head-to-head match), the calculation is made according to the fair play indicator: points for the number of yellow cards and removals from the competing teams at the World Cup. For the first time, fair play was used at the World Cup in Russia, when, due to more cards, Senegal lost a ticket to the playoffs for the Japanese team.

World Cup 2022 standings: when will the playoffs start?

The Fifa World Cup 2022 playoffs will start on December 3rd, where the winners of groups A and C will play against teams from the second places of groups B and D, respectively. The ¼ final matches will be held on December 9 and 10, the semi-finals on December 13 and 14.

World Cup 2022 - group table

Group World Championships are known at the beginning of 2022 after the official draw. The composition of the groups is determined after the qualifying matches in all conferences.

FIFA World Cup 2022: groups, operational changes, match statistics, analytics, forecasts and top news of the day. Football fans will see all this in November on our portal! World Cup in Qatar will be a great end to the football season.


On December 3, 16 participants in the playoff stage of the World Championship will be determined. From each group (there are 8 of them) 2 teams will come out, the teams from the first places will play with the second teams. The playoff grid with the participants is presented on our website, as well as the groups of the World Cup 2022 - you can make a prediction by stages right before the start of the tournament.

Bookmakers and experts single out a clear three. This includes the French team as the last winner of the trophy, England and Brazil, which have a great squad. Next on the quotes are Argentina, Germany, Spain. The bookmakers for the 2022 World Cup matches already have a line, you can bet on a passage to the playoffs or a place in the top three. The World Cup table will open immediately after the first match of the tournament.

If the teams played each other in a draw, the second indicator to determine the winner will be the number of wins, but most often they consider the goal difference (the number of wins is likely to be the same). In case of equality, the number of goals scored is counted. Detailed regulations and the table of the World Cup are presented in the sections of our website - you can read more.

The situation is unusual for major tournaments. The 2022 World Cup matches are known 3-4 months before the start, the Emir of Qatar postponed the opening match of his team to a later time. The unofficial reason is that the head of the country wanted to make the opening celebration in the evening, so the first match of the World Cup was the Netherlands - Senegal on November 21. But in the end, the Qatar match was postponed a day earlier and made the first, as befits the hostess. The reason is the request of the electoral emir of Qatar.