Poland - Argentina forecast

2022-11-29 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

Group C has prepared for us another incredible confrontation at the 2022 World Cup. The Polish team will be able to test their strength against the Argentines. The team led by Leo Messi played their first matches somehow torn. But for the Poles at the 2022 World Cup, the matches were generally very good, although they could have been better if they managed to cope with Mexico.

Despite this, both teams claim to qualify for the playoffs and are favorites in group C. It will be interesting to see who is ready to advance from the Fifa World Cup more. Which of the leaders will be able to decide the outcome of the match?

Poland Argentina forecast

The standings for the 2022 World Cup for Poland and Argentina are as follows:

1 Poland 4
2 Argentina 3
3 Saudi Arabia 3
4 Mexico 1

Absolutely everyone can leave the group, and only the third round will be able to decide who will continue their fight for the World Cup.

How did the second round matches turn out for the teams?

The second round in Group C did not surprise the Fifa World Cup audience. It rarely happens that the championship presents quite predictable matches, especially if you remember the first matches in each of the “fours”.

Let’s first consider the confrontation in which the national team of Argentina and Mexico collided. The teams showed good football, but still the Argentines were stronger than their counterparts. They managed to win with a score of 2:0 and regain their chances for reaching the playoffs.

Poland, on the other hand, had to fight with the Saudi Arabian team, which made one of the most unexpected “upsets” at the Fifa World Cup. But despite the fact that the natives of Saudi Arabia managed to defeat Argentina in the first round, the Polish team was able to fully appreciate the opponent and beat him in every part of the field. Thus, the championship in Qatar shows how important it is to be ready for absolutely every match.

Forecast for the match Poland - Argentina. What outcomes should be considered?

It should be understood that this match will be decisive for both teams. Any mistake can deprive them of the opportunity to continue on their way to the trophy. And believe me, the World Cup is the case when everyone will play not 100%, but 250%.

Quite interesting and at the same time likely outcome in the match between the national team of Poland and Argentina will be the goals of the leaders. Because in such matches it is they who often make the result. A goal by Leo Messi and Robert Lewandowski is a great lineup for this Fifa World Cup showdown.

You can also touch upon such an outcome as “both teams to score”. If we are talking about the goals of the leaders, then we will continue to bend our line and believe in the goal of each of the teams.

Goal Robert Lewandowski - Yes 2.97
Goal Lionel Messi - Yes 2.1
Both teams to score - Yes 2.22

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The main outcomes for the match Poland - Argentina

Poland’s victory Draw Argentina win
7.98 4.29 1.47