Portugal - Switzerland prediction

2022-12-05 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

The next match of the 1/8 stage at the World Cup 2022 will be held by the national teams of Portugal and Switzerland. It will be interesting to see how the teams will fight to reach the next stage. The national team from Switzerland snatched a place in the playoffs on moral and strong-willed qualities in the last match of the group. But for Portugal, the first matches were quite simple and after two rounds they had a ticket. But do not forget that the World Cup is a place where miracles happen. Will the Swiss continue to fight for the World Cup or will Cristiano Ronaldo still prove himself, as in the old days?

Portugal Switzerland forecast

How did the group matches for the Swiss national team

For people from Switzerland, the World Cup 2022 matches were not easy. Each confrontation was a small step towards a dream. And it is not surprising that such a disciplined team was able to pass this stage with dignity. With them in the group were the same: the national team of Brazil, Cameroon and Serbia. The group, frankly, is not easy. But even with all the other “buts”, the Swiss managed to snatch a ticket to the playoffs in the last match with Serbia. The 3-2 victory marked the entrance to the next stage and the real will to win.

What surprised Portugal in Group H

Among the Portuguese, the group turned out not to say that it was a checkpoint, but the language would not dare to call it a “death” group either. After the first two rounds, the team secured access to the next stage of the Fifa World Cup. And it would seem that there should be no problems in the last match of the group stage with South Korea. But they were, the “team of the chosen ones” was defeated with a score of 2-1. And in the proper scenario, Portugal could leave Qatar, but, frankly, they were lucky. Let’s take a look at what the 2022 World Cup Group H standings looked like at the end:

1 Portugal 6
2 South Korea 4
3 Uruguay 4
4 Ghana 3

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Forecast for the match Switzerland - Portugal: the 1/8 stage of the playoffs is in full swing

In this match, it is quite difficult to single out any obvious favorite. Both teams deserve to continue their fight for the World Cup. A lot will be decided by the mood of the teams and the experience of playing in such stages. The World Cup often brings unexpected results and this match may not be an exception.

Of course it would be a great story. About how Cristiano Ronaldo at his last Fifa World Cup goes on, but the Swiss can spoil this fairy tale.

Outcomes that I would like to highlight:

  • both will score - yes: since we are counting on an equal match, it will definitely be a goal.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo goal - yes: the Portuguese is obliged to make a result for his team and prove to the whole world that he can still do something.

Both teams to score - Yes 1.98
Cristiano Ronaldo goal - Yes 2.3

Main odds for the match Portugal - Switzerland

Victory of Portugal Draw Swiss victory
1.93 3.36 4.46