Netherlands - Qatar prediction

2022-11-28 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

In the third round World Cup 2022, two teams will collide - the national team of the Netherlands and Qatar. This match does not decide anything in the race for the playoffs in any case. The Dutch have actually booked themselves a slot in the next stage, having played the first matches. As for Qatar, for them this is a home championship in which they managed to test their strength. There is only one conclusion - they are still very far from leaving the group at international competitions.

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World Cup 2022 Tournament Table which describes the whole situation in Group A:

1 Netherlands 4
2 Ecuador 3
3 Senegal 3
4 Qatar 0

Results of the second round of the Fifa World Cup in Group A

In the second round there were no sensational headlines for the press. In general, in group A at the World Cup 2022 matches, the teams were not surprised in the second round. All the results turned out to be quite natural and depended mainly on the positioning of the team in pairs.

There was no intrigue between Qatar and the Senegal national team. The Senegalese easily dealt with the hosts of the championship with a score of 3-1. Thus, the Qatar national team lost the chance to reach the playoffs and the match with the Dutch will not decide anything for them.

The Netherlands, in turn, drew with a team from Ecuador (1-1). They were quite satisfied with this result, if you look at how the World Cup goes for them. A confident victory over the Senegal national team and 1 point in the match with the Ecuadorians almost completely guarantee them a place in the Fifa World Cup group.

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Prediction for the match Netherlands - Qatar: what outcomes should be expected from this match

In general, it is easy enough to assume that the experienced Dutch will not miss the opportunity to snatch another 3 points with the outsider of the group. They are stronger both in terms of selection and overall experience of playing in such championships.

Also, the Dutch team should please their fans and chop a “bag” of goals against the Qataris. Showing beautiful football and confidently reaching the playoffs is a task that the coaching staff will definitely set for them.

It can also be assumed that Cody Gakpo will excel in this match. The player got in good shape in his championship and is ready to show the result at the World Cup. He managed to score an important goal in the confrontation with Senegal and here he will not miss the opportunity to break into the scorer race.

Netherlands individual total goals - 2.5B 1.96
Cody Gakpo goal - yes 1.9

The main coefficients of the confrontation between the Netherlands and Qatar

Victory Netherlands Draw Victory Qatar
1.19 7.45 15.89