Tunisia - Australia prediction

2022-11-25 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

At the World Cup 2022, the matches are gaining momentum and group D has already started the second round. In this round, two pairs will face off: Tunisia - Australia and France - Denmark. Obviously, France is the favorite in the group and everyone else will have to work hard to get to the playoffs of the 2022 World Cup. Today we will look at a couple of “underdogs” that the Tunisia and Australia teams made up. In general, if you do not go into details, then the couple is quite equal and it is difficult to single out one. Let’s see who will show character and be one step closer to taking the World Cup.

Tunisia Australia forecast

Before considering the results of the matches of the first round, you need to understand how the World Cup 2022 tournament table of group D looks like:

1 France 3
2 Denmark 1
3 Tunisia 1
4 Australia 0

How was the first round for the teams of group D

The first matches for the teams were generally without any sensations. Australia played their opening match against France and lost 4-1 even though they managed to score first. The Toadbiters did not notice their rivals, but this does not mean that Australia is a bad team. Were you able to beat France? Yes, it’s not all that bad.

As for Tunisia, they had a fighting draw with the Danish team. Qatar never ceases to amaze. Denmark, which initially looked like one of the most well-played and strong teams, plays a draw not even with France, but with Tunisia. What do you want to note here? Tunisia has an excellent defense, because not everyone is able to withstand the pressure of the Danes.

Forecast for the match Tunisia - Australia: analytics and possible outcomes

What outcomes are likely to be in this match? The teams do not have some incredible performance - this is the first thing I would like to note. Secondly, with the line of defense that Tunisia has, that Australia has everything in order and it is unlikely that something will change for such a match. Therefore, in this confrontation, TM is quite likely. If one of the teams wins, then with a minimal advantage, because the game will dry up and flirt after a goal is scored in any goal.

Of course, if you still choose the winner in this match, then you can easily give your preference to the team from Tunisia. This team has shown that it can play on equal terms with teams like Denmark and it’s worth a lot!

Also a good outcome can be “a goal in both halves - no.” Each of the teams will want a quick goal in order to then impose their game on the opponent. No one is interested in recouping, and both of them can dry the game, so this is the logic that can be traced.

Total Goals - 2.5M 1.66
Goal in both halves - no 1.74

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Main odds for the match Tunisia - Australia

Tunisian victory Draw Australian victory
2.13 3.29 3.75