Ecuador - Senegal prediction

2022-11-28 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

The World Cup 2022 matches are gaining momentum. And now, in the third round of group A, the teams of Ecuador and Senegal will face off in a fierce confrontation. This couple will decide among themselves: who will still be stronger and be able to snatch a ticket to the playoffs. Both teams have the same number of points - 4, and also both claim to qualify from the group for the World Cup 2022. It will be quite interesting to watch this match, as passion is guaranteed.

Ecuador Senegal forecast

Let’s see how the World Cup 2022 standings looks like in Group A in order to understand the whole picture:

1 Netherlands 4
2 Ecuador 3
3 Senegal 3
4 Qatar 0

What teams managed to show on the way to the third round of the 2022 World Cup

Let’s consider the results of the matches of the second round in group A in order to understand how ready the teams are for such a fundamental match.

The Senegal national team met in the second round with people from Qatar. They won an easy 3-1 victory without experiencing any problems. Naturally, they go step by step to the playoffs and prove that they really deserve it. Excellent implementation even in the absence of their main star - Sadio Mane - was a decisive factor in this match. This is a great start to advance to the next stage of the Fifa World Cup.

Ecuadorians, in turn, played with the favorite of group A - the Netherlands national team. The match went off without any incident. Labor draw, which the team of Ecuador was able to get with sweat and blood. The World Cup Cup requires a return of not 100%, but 150% and, apparently, they are ready for this.

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Forecast World Cup: Ecuador - Senegal. Who will advance to the next stage of the World Cup?

Both teams will tune in to this game like never before. This is the final round of the group stage, in which the fate of the teams is often decided. A draw in this match will suit only Ecuador, since the difference between goals scored and conceded is better than that of the Senegalese. From this we will build on. The struggle will be on every square centimeter of the field, so the total of yellow cards will be a great outcome. Since the match is likely to be close enough, then fouls, respectively, will be enough. Nobody will yield. You can also touch the total. The national team of Senegal, like Ecuador, knows how to score and does it quite confidently. The increased probability of such an outcome is guaranteed by a particularly principled confrontation for reaching the playoffs.

Total LCD - 4B 1.43
Total goals - 2.5B 2.37

Main odds of the match Ecuador – Senegal

Ecuador victory Draw Senegal victory
2.43 3.24 3.13