France - Poland prediction

2022-12-03 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

In the next match of the playoff stage, such rivals as the national team of France and Poland will face each other. Deschamps’ wards approached the World Cup 2022 as favorites and easily passed the group stage. But the first matches of the Poles at the Fifa World Cup did not always go smoothly. Despite this, they continue to delight the World Cup with their performance and already in 1/8. The Polish national team is ready to fight even with such a formidable opponent as the French in order to get the World Cup Cup! At the 2022 World Cup, matches are often unpredictable, and who knows, maybe this particular confrontation will be the most unexpected.

France Poland forecast

How was the group stage for the French team

Not to say that the French team passed the group stage without any difficulties. At first, it seemed that the Euro champions simply had to take all 9 points in the group and reach the playoffs without any difficulties. But in reality it turned out a little differently. The first matches, or rather the first 2 of them, were generally quite passable for the French. They managed to defeat both the Australian team (4-1) and Denmark (2:1) – thus, they guaranteed themselves a way out of the group. But at the Fifa World Cup, nothing is so simple, in the last match of the group they met with Tunisia, whom they lost 1-0. World Cup 2022 Tournament Table for them at the end of the group stage looked like this:

1 France 6
2 Australia 6
3 Tunisia 4
4 Denmark 1

What surprised Poland in Group C

The World Cup met the Polish national team in the same group with Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. It can hardly be considered that the Poles’ exit from the group was easy enough, because they ended up in the playoffs with only 4 points. On their way, they managed to win, lose and even draw, but nevertheless it was enough to continue their journey to the Fifa World Cup.

The standings for the Poles before entering the playoffs were as follows:

1 Argentina 6
2 Poland 4
3 Mexico 4
4 Saudi Arabia 3

Prediction for the match Poland - France: who will be able to go to the next stage

World Cup 2022 betting bonus

In this confrontation, the French team looks like the absolute favorite, both in terms of the quality of the game and the selection. According to the outcomes that could be chosen for this event, it will be:

  • Kylian Mbappe goal - Yes: the Frenchman is obliged to score and gain a foothold in the scorer race for this championship.

  • total goals over: the Poles will not concede just like that and will absolutely snap back. Tunisia has already shown that it is possible to score against the French.

Kylian Mbappe goal - Yes 1.8
Total goals - 2.5B 1.82

Main odds for the match France - Poland

French victory Draw Poland’s victory
1.27 5.57 13.26