England - Iran forecast

2022-11-21 Author: Dmitry Chygrinsky

World Cup England - Iran is one of the first matches to be held at the 2022 World Cup. Group B is not one of the most interesting at the Fifa World Cup, which is taking place in Qatar. Nevertheless, an interesting confrontation for the 2nd place in the group will unfold here, since England is the clear leader and should come out from the first place. Leading table World Cup 2022 should be the most interesting after the first round, because a lot will depend on the results.

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Last matches of national teams and readiness from the group stage

Let’s start with the favorite of this match - the England team. The team under the leadership of Gareth Southgate had an excellent selection of the World Cup. But at the League of Nations, she had some problems, but let’s put it down to the fact that a serious restructuring is taking place in the team after the Euro. Indeed, for the first time, as many as 13 new players were called up for the World Cup Cup, who had not previously taken part in such serious events. The last matches for the England team ended as follows: defeat by Hungary (0-4), also by Italy (1-0) and a fighting draw with Germany (3-3). But we will not specifically refer to this, since the head coach played the new line-up precisely for the World Cup in Qatar.

The forecast for the World Cup for the Iranian national team is rather disappointing than positive. It is unlikely that she will be able to fight with such strong teams as: England, Wales and the USA. Despite the rather serious competition in the group, there are pluses for Iran - readiness for the World Cup. Excellent matches in the qualifying stage will clearly become one of the main levers for moving forward for the national team. They defeated Uruguay (1-0), also defeated Nicaragua (1-0) and played a draw with Senegal (1-1). It will be interesting to see their results in Group B and their fight for the playoffs.

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Prediction for the match and the most interesting outcomes

It’s hard to argue with the fact that England should be number one in this match. They have everything for this: a great set of players and a balance of experienced and young players, as well as a great finisher - Kane. This team plays for the result, dryly and follows the tactics that Southgate built - “hit forward - the game will come”, but it works.

Iran, in turn, despite their success in the selections, in this match is the underdog team. The main and main “gear” in the composition for this championship will, of course, be Mehdi Taremi.

Outcomes to watch out for: Harry Kane’s goal and England’s individual TO.

Harry Kane goal - yes 1.85
Individual TB in England - 1.5 B 1.6

Main odds for the match England - Iran

England victory Draw Iranian victory
1.33 4.96 11.88