Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums

2022-11-03 Author: Roman Titov

World Cup matches in Qatar will host 5 cities and 8 arenas. The stadiums of the World Cup are located within a radius of 60 km from each other, which makes this World Cup the most compact in history. Another record - the entire tournament will be held in record time - only 29 days from the opening match of Qatar-Ecuador to the final match at the “National Stadium” in Lusail. Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums will be in our review today. The editors of the site will tell you what each of the arenas is like, what features they have and what interesting group stage matches each of the stadiums will host.

“National Stadium” in Lusail - Qatar’s main stadium

The final World Cup will host the city of Lusail at the “National Stadium”. The city is located 15 km from the capital of Qatar and can accommodate 86,000 spectators. It was built right in time for the World Cup and is finished in gold with an emphasis on luxury. It will host not only the 2022 Qatar World Cup final, but also 6 group stage matches.

National Stadium in Qatar

The most interesting matches of the Qatar National Stadium:

  • Brazil - Serbia (match of the 1st round of group G);
  • Argentina - Mexico (match of the 2nd round of group C);
  • Portugal - Uruguay (match of the 2nd round of group H);
  • Cameroon - Brazil (meeting of the 3rd round of group G).

The “National Stadium” in Lusail after the 22nd World Cup in Qatar will become a multifunctional hub for local residents with recreation areas, sports fields and shops. The schedule of all World Cup matches at the Lusail Stadium is available on the “Calendar” and “Schedule” pages.

“El-Bayt” in El-Hawra

The El Bayt Stadium was built in 2021 and has a capacity of 60,000 spectators. The design of the stadium corresponds to the appearance of the Qatari tent, after the FIFA World Cup, 26,000 seats of the Al-Bayt stadium will be given to other arenas, the stadium itself will become a multifunctional complex for the residents of Al-Hawr.

El Bayt Stadium in Qatar

This stadium was supposed to host the opening match of Qatar 2022 football between the hosts and the national team of Ecuador, however, at the request of the Emir of the country, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the match was postponed with a second launch. But soon it was postponed a day ago - the World Championship will begin on November 20 at the El-Bayt arena.

El-Bayt Stadium will host 6 matches in groups at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, 1 play-off match of each stage up to the Β½ final.

El Bayt stadium matches

The most interesting matches for the stadium:

  • Morocco - Croatia (match of the 1st round of group F);
  • England - USA (match of the 2nd round of group B);
  • Spain - Germany (match of the 2nd round of group E).

“Al Janub” in El Wakra

The World Cup will be held in the oldest city in Qatar - El Wakra. The 40,000-seat Al-Janoub Stadium was built in May 2019 in a neo-futuristic style and looks like a sail. After World Cup 22, the stadium’s capacity will be reduced to 20,000 seats, the stadium area will become a place for cultural life and sports entertainment for local residents.

Al Janub Stadium in Qatar

Al Janub hosted the 2020 AFC Champions League Final and several Arab Nations Cup matches. At the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the arena will host 6 group stage matches and 1 round of 16 match. Qatar 2022 stadiums will be equipped with unique air conditioning systems, El Janub is no exception.

Al-Janub stadium matches

Interesting matches for neutral fans:

  • France - Australia (match of the 1st round of group D);
  • Cameroon - Serbia (match of the 2nd round of group G);
  • Ghana - Uruguay (match of the 3rd round of group H).

Khalifa - Qatar Stadium in Doha

Khalifa is one of three stadiums built in the capital of Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. This arena was built long before the announcement of the host country of the World Cup, but in 2017 it was reconstructed to meet international requirements. Khalifa International Stadium has a capacity of 45,000 spectators and is used not only as a football arena, but also as an athletics stadium.

Khalifa Stadium in Qatar

“Khalifa” is territorially located in the city center, the design with two arches symbolizes continuous movement. The Qatar World Cup stadium hosted matches of the Qatar Emir’s Cup, the Persian Gulf Cup of Nations and the World Club Championship. At the Khalifa International Stadium, 6 matches will be played in the group stage, in the playoffs of the Fifa World Cup they will play one match of the β…› finals and a match for bronze medals.

Khalifa stadium matches

Fans will be most interested in these fights:

  • Germany - Japan (match of the 1st round in group E);
  • Netherlands - Ecuador (match of the 2nd round in group A);
  • Spain - Japan (match of the 3rd round of group E).

Al-Tumama in Doha

The stadiums of the 2022 World Cup are mostly built recently, and another metropolitan arena, Al-Tumama, is no exception. It can accommodate 40,000 spectators and was built in 2021 in the style of the hafia headdress, traditional for the Arab peoples.

Al-Tumama Stadium in Qatar

The stadium has already been tested in the final of the Emir’s Cup of Qatar, Al-Tumama hosted matches of the Arab Nations Cup. After the FIFA World Cup, the capacity of the arena will be halved, some of the stands will be replaced with a modern boutique hotel, and a well-known international clinic in Qatar will be built on the territory of the stadium.

Qatar’s 2022 World Cup El Tumama Stadium will host the second Fifa World Cup match between the Netherlands and Senegal. In addition to this meeting, 5 more matches of the group stage of the World Cup will be held, after the 2022 World Cup tournament table is determined, in the playoffs “El -Tumama will host β…› and ΒΌ final matches.

Al-Tumama stadium matches

These matches are suitable for betting on everything:

  • Senegal - the Netherlands (group A meeting of the 1st round);
  • Spain - Costa Rica (meeting of the 1st round of group E);
  • Belgium - Morocco (meeting of the 2nd round of group F).

In Qatar, football stadiums will be popular not only for sporting events. According to the plan of the organizers of El-Tumama, other arenas of the World Cup will become an important part of the city’s infrastructure.

Stadium 974 - Qatar Stadium in Doha

The 974 Stadium in Qatar’s capital is one of Asia’s most unusual buildings, designed and built from modular blocks and shipping containers. His fate after the FIFA World Cup is known - he will be sorted out.

Stadium 974 in Qatar

Now 974 Stadium, which has a capacity of 40,000 fans, has built an arena on the west coast of Doha with great views. In Qatar, the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup will be a legacy for the future, the Emir of the country plans to actively develop football and other sports. 974 Stadium will play 6 matches of the main round and only one World Cup play-off matches in the β…› finals.

Stadium 974 matches

There are some interesting encounters to watch:

  • Portugal - Ghana (match of the 1st round of group H);
  • France - Denmark (match of the 2nd round of group D);
  • Brazil - Switzerland (match of the 2nd round of group G);
  • Poland - Argentina (match of the 3rd round of group C).

“Ahmed bin Ali” in Ar Rayyan

The Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, according to the project, can accommodate 44,700 spectators; it was officially opened only at the end of 2020 with the final match of the Qatar Emir Cup.

Ahmed bin Ali stadium in Qatar

Locals call the arena β€œthe gate to the desert”, in appearance it resembles a sand dune and is decorated with elements of local culture. The stadium for the 2022 World Cup is hosting matches of the Qatari football championship today. At Ahmed bin Ali, the Er Rayyan football club plays home matches. This stadium will play 6 matches of the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar and one match of the 1/8 finals.

Ahmed bin Ali stadium matches

Interesting confrontations at the stadium in Qatar:

  • Belgium - Canada (match of the 1st round of group F);
  • Belgium - Croatia (match of the 3rd round of group F);
  • Wales - England (meeting of the 3rd round of group B).

Education City in Ar Rayyan

Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums continue to amaze. “Education City” in the city of Er Rayyan was built specifically for the tournament, its shape resembles a precious stone, the lighting of the arena will depend on the position of the sun.

Education City Stadium in Qatar

The capacity of “Education City” is 45,000 seats; panels with a traditional triangular shape for Islamic culture are implemented in the design. After the 2022 World Cup, only 22,000 seats will remain, sports and shopping and entertainment centers will appear inside, including an athletics complex. Eduction City Stadium will host 6 matches in the group and two matches in the first and second stages of the playoffs.

Ahmed bin Ali stadium matches

Interesting matches of the 2022 World Cup in the arena:

  • Uruguay - South Korea (meeting of the 1st round of group H);
  • Tunisia - France (meeting of the 3rd round of group D);
  • South Korea - Portugal (meeting of the 3rd round of group H).

Qatar’s stadiums for the 2022 World Cup will definitely surprise experienced fans. Interesting design solutions and an unusual air conditioning system will help make watching football at the World Cup more comfortable.


We have a detailed schedule on our website, the first matches of the 2022 World Cup and other group meetings up to the final. Also available are predictions for the events of the World Cup in Qatar and the latest news from the FIFA World Cup.

All the arenas of the World Cup were built directly for the tournament, the construction of the first football world championship stadium began in 2013. In 2021, FIFA checked the readiness of all arenas and officially confirmed that Qatar has met all the conditions for hosting the 2022 World Cup.

El Bayt Stadium in El Howrah will host the opening matches of the World Cup, including the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador on 20 November. The National Stadium in Lusail will host the final match of the tournament on December 18th.

On our website in the “Calendar” section there are tables of all 8 groups of the Fifa World Cup with the ability to switch to individual matches. The schedule calendar is updated every day automatically, you will not miss the important events of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.